Durand Abogados´ Attorneys and Legal Advisors, work with emphasis in those issues that are brought about in the entrepreneurial activity development.

We base our professional work in our ethical values and our technical training of our specialized divisions, as well as in our commitment to provide high quality professional services and high added value.

The Firm's constitution and organization allow us to work deeply into each case and client, providing the necessary means and staff that are more adequate for the solution of each one of our cases.

In order to do this, the Firm has specialists in each one of the branches of Business Law, which, attending to each case's concrete circumstances, is structured in working teams according to the difficulty of each situation, the nature of the work demanded and the special characteristics of each one of the sectors where the clients come from. Therefore, we try to match the solutions offered to the particular needs of each business sectors, as well as to the clients' business needs.


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