We have a broad experience in all the matters related to ships, docks and assemblers as regards preparation, negotiation and writing of building contracts and sales contracts for ships, as well as in contracts inherent to these operations.

All the same, we stress our continuous advice as regards ship use contracts (bareboat charter, time charter, freight charter, and bills of lading, hybrid contracts, "slot charters", special transports), maritime insurance and P&I, and in all kinds of maritime procedures or litigious (boarding, salvage operations, cargo claims, attachment of ship property).

We also have a broad experience in processing of permits, licenses, authorizations and fishing concessions.

Among others, our Firm includes the following services:

. Litigious practices (Lawsuits and Arbitration) and representation in trial of all kinds of maritime issues.

. Transferences of ship property.

. Ship financing and building.

. Ship registry.

. Salvage operations, boarding, maritime extractions and pollution.

. Attachment of ship property.

. Cargo claim and conflicts in the international trade of goods.

. Personal damages and work accidents.

. Hiring of crew and labor claims.

. Advice and assistance in non litigious issues.

Contact People:
. Dr. Juan Carlos Durand Grahammer.
. Dr. Armando Pastor Vera.