The lawyers in this division intervene in all the procedures related to the recognition, cession and protection of industrial property rights (patents, trade marks, license agreements, transfer of technology, and assignment of know-how), and copyright. Our representation extends to all the administrative and judicial instants, as well as international courts, such as the Andean Community Court in Quito, Ecuador.

As regards distinctive signs and patents, our services covers both the registration of said elements of intellectual property as renewal procedures, registry cancellation, nullity, and defense in case of any opposition to the registration, among others.

In the case of copyright, our Firm provides advice in protection and/or license granting for software and data bases, web sites, music, book registration or other printed materials, as well as videos and films, works of art (sculptures, paintings, photographs, etc.) and architecture works, among others.

In order to protect intellectual property rights, our Firm includes these in a computerized database which is used to supervise and administer the registered rights, thus allowing us to keep our customers informed on their situation, as well as to alert them in respect to the publication of similar or identical registrations.

Additionally, we give advice in law régime, distribution, prices and sanitary or trade authorizations for all kind of pharmaceutical products and specialties. We also participate in typical contracts in the sector such as granting laboratory licenses and assignment of registrations.

Contact People:
. Dr. Juan Carlos Durand Grahammer.
. Dr. Humberto Zúńiga Schroder.
. Mr. Alberto Viale Rendón.