Our advice comprises all the sectors of Private Law. This Division has a broad experience regarding Real Law, Contract Law and Family Law as well as Tort and Damages, including preventive aspects and possible compensation.

We also provide a broad range of law services, including the following:

. Advice in all issues related to commercial law.

. Incorporation of corporations, and other kind of entities, corporate and group restructuring, transformations, mergers, excisions and dissolutions.

. International corporate structures.

. Corporation, company, business and asset sales: planning, "due diligence", bargaining, writing of documents and further follow up of said agreements.

. Writing of special statutory and control clauses, and agreement of vote unionization.

. Advice in social organization themes; responsibilities of counselors and managers.

. Establishment of family company management instruments and advice regarding national and international Succession Law.

. National and international joint venture agreements.

. Contract relations between shareholders, investors, debtors and creditors.

. Trade agreements, including sales, option, distribution, outsourcing, agency, franchise, research and development agreements.

. Privatizations and other public sector projects.

. Regulation of foreign investment.

. Control of affiliates.

Contact Person:
. Dr. Juan Carlos Durand Grahammer.