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Developing Countries and WTO anti-dumping provisions: An Analysis of the Textiles and Clothing issue and Lessons from the EC Bed Linen Case

On the MP3 Compression Technology and its Relation with Intellectual Property Rights: The Napster Case

Labeling of GMOs and its regulation inside the WTO Régime, EC Law, and other International Legal Provisions

On the New Shipper Review Procedure inside the Antidumping Legislation

Domain Names against Trademark Rights: An approach to the Conflict

Ex Post efficiency of the Labor Credits` Privileges in the Process of Patrimonial Restructuring

Trustable Financial Statements and some Recommendations for Better Practices of Corporative Government

Juridical issues regarding the Transformation of an Office of a Society in a Foreign Country

Restrictions to the right of free transference of actions

Legal issues regarding the Peruvian Worker´s Compensation for Cease in Job

Change in the rules of game in the dissolution and extra judicial liquidation of an enterprise

The process of Insolvency

An analysis of article 1066 of the Peruvian Civil Code

Comparative Analysis of the Agreement between Peru and Sweden to avoid the double imposition

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