Our Administrative Law Division is highly recognized as regards the treatment of matters dealing with the interpretation and application of administrative law.

We give advice in all kinds of administrative procedures, filing the necessary remedies and providing complementary advice as requested. We have a broad experience in matters dealing with public contracts, both in the design and writing of proposals for the participation in selection processes (bids, public offers and bid awards), as in the design and preparation of procedures or in the intervention and configuration of the privatization and financing of services or public infrastructure.

The services provided by this division are mainly the following:

. Advice for the design of Administrative and Environmental Law.

. Public contracting and public services, advise to government institutions as regards the writing of the contract, offer presentation and execution.

. Expropriations.

. Due diligences of companies regarding permissions, licenses and administrative contracts.

. Obtainment, transformation or modification of permits, concessions, licenses, authorizations and in general, enabling titles in regulated sectors.

. Advice to Government Companies and public sector institutions, as regards their relation with the Government Administration and with their contractors.

. Advice on public property.

. Advice and defense of any kind of Administrative process before any court and / or tribunal and in any contentious-administrative process.

. Procedure

Contact Person:
. Dr. Armando Pastor Vera.
Dr. Luis Perea Cacho